Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering - University of Washington - 2004

Engineering in Training (EIT) - 2006

Work History

Front Seat - Public Transit
Software Engineer (Advocate for open transit data; integrate transit into walkscore; develop uniform "transitscore")
2009 -

Metrix Create::Space - Lasers and Self-Replicating Machines
Laser mechanic (Keep the laser-cutter working; design and fabricate self-replicating machines; re-stock the electronics vending machine)
2009 -

Urban Mapping - Public Transit
Software Engineer (Build and maintain transit trip planners)
2008 - 2009

MetaCarta - Office of the CTO
Software Engineer (Prototyped webapp ideas)
2007 - 2008

University of Washington - Biorobotics Lab
Design Engineer (Designed surgical robots.)
2003 - 2005


Graphserver, founder
Open source multimodal trip planner, in C

OpenTripPlanner, contributor
Open source multimodal trip planner, in Java

Badhill, sole hacker
Bicycle trip planner for Washington State

Bikeopath, sole hacker
Bicycle + bus multimodal trip planner for King County, Washington

Contra Costa Bike Mapper, backend hacker
Official bike trip planner for Contra Costa County, California

City-Go-Round, founder, hacker
Open transit data advocacy site

BusWatch, hacker, publisher
Software that beams real-time transit arrivals to your bluetooth watch

WhatTheMetro, sole hacker
Web frontend for bus arrival prediction webservice

Servable, sole hacker
A object-to-webservice mapper written in python

OpenStreetMap, contributor
Helped import US TIGER data to OSM



python // ruby // c/c++ // javascript // java


Linux // App Engine // EC2 // Postgres // MySQL // PostGIS // Django // Git


graph algorithms // public transit // data visualization


Prototype smaller webapp ideas, just, you know, all the time // Spoke on Graphserver at Where2.0 2007 // Gigantic tallbike! // Foocamper // Car free! // Y Combinator entrepreneur